As the Uganda Hip-Hop Awards continue stay true to celebrating all rappers/stakeholders that built and continue to shape the Ugandan Hip-Hop industry, we always announce the opening of the nomination/submission period on all our social media accounts.
The nomination/submission period runs for a period of one month. All artists/record labels/mangers are encouraged to submit their works to be considered for nomination through website or a given submission link shared online on our platforms. Furthermore we also encourage the artists/record labels/mangers to read the terms and conditions of the Uganda Hip-Hop Awards before submissions of their works.
The works submitted must have been released within the period shared on all official UGHHA Platforms. Nominees are then announced.

General Information:

* All UGHHA events are held in secure venues usually within Kampala City, Uganda and broadcasted live on given social media platforms and tv stations.
*Strict following of SOPs is paramount
*Nominees are given invites to the event
* Lineups and schedules are subject to change
* Everyone is subject to search upon entry